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Equipment Rental


Having trouble finding a piece of equipment or a tool that you'll only need a couple of times to finish your project? No worries!  Fitzpatrick's Hardware has an extensive inventory of rental equipment and tools at your disposal. Fitzpatrick's Hardware can also deliver the equipment should you be unable to transport it. All rental items do have a security deposit that you get back as long as you bring it back the way you got it.
That means clean, damage free & refueled, just like borrowing from a friend!

Online equipment reservations 
available soon!

Available equipment:

Earth Moving Equipment
Lifts, Ladders, & Scaffold
Concrete & Masonry
Construction Tools
Lawn, Landscape, & Tree
Air Compressors, Generators & Heaters
Maintenance & Cleaning

Fitzpatrick's Hardware and Lumber
Fitzpatrick's Hardware and Lumber
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